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It's a short week but we won't short you when it comes to support. We've rounded up some great resources and hope you'll find ways to use them in your programs. As always, if you have something to share, email Katie and she'll include them next week. 

Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation:

  • It's important to keep tobacco products out of the hands of young people. You can help the FDA crackdown on retailers (brick front or online) that are violating federal tobacco laws. For more information, visit their website
  • You've seen the results of the National Youth Tobacco Survey but have you seen the FDA's tobacco education resources print and downloadable graphics that you can order and use for free? Check them out and let us know how you're using them. 

Active Living:

Access to Healthy Foods: 

  • Food hubs play a large role in helping to strengthen the food system in North Carolina. Want to learn more about food hubs in NC and how they fit into the food system? NC State Extension has great resources on food hubs. North Carolina Food Hubs' website is useful for finding food hubs across the state and learning about the many roles of food hubs. 
  • September is National Food Literacy Month. This blog post from the US Play Coalition does a great job of connecting play, food literacy, and health. 
  • “Food, Faith, and Farmers of Color: A Guide for Community Collaboration” is a new guidebook from RAFI-USA that shares stories of partnerships between faith communities and farmers of color and provides resources for the creation of new relationships. 


Work Groups

NCAH work groups meet monthly on Mondays to discuss emerging issues, data, research, policy opportunities, and more.

Physical Education

Monday, September 13


Active Transportation 

Monday, September 13


We will focus on discussing themes that have emerged during the first part of the year and potential policy priorities for 2022.

All work group meetings include time for program and policy updates as well as updates and discussions from our partners. It's not too late to sign up for a work group (or groups)! 




Remember last week's update? There's not a lot to add to that. We know that we aren't the only ones frustrated with the budget work. We are continuing to educate, lobby, and wait. At the same time, we are looking towards 2022 and we are discussing potential policy priorities in our work group meetings. We want to hear from our members and partners as we look towards 2022 so please make plans to join upcoming work group meetings.


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