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Committee Amendment  Co∙mmitt∙ee A∙mend∙ment (n) An alteration made (or proposed to be made) to a bill that is offered by a legislative committee.

Hopefully, we will see some favorable committee amendments when committees wrap up.



I know it's not fall yet but my mind thinks it's fall as soon as kids go back to school. I haven't started drinking pumpkin spiced anything nor have I pulled out any fall decorations. What I have started doing, though, is planning. Fall to me is a good time to do short-term and long-term planning. Who's with me on that? Hopefully, a lot of you and if not, I'm throwing some things your way to start planning for anyway! Hopefully, you'll find these resources useful for planning your work and programs for the fall and beyond. Did we miss something important you think we should share? Email Katie and let her know. 

Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation:

  • Tobacco Free Kids is celebrating 25 years! Take a walk down memory lane and revisit their amazing accomplishments over the last 25 years. It's a great way to re-energize your commitment to tobacco use prevention and cessation and find inspiration for your own programs and work. 
  • NCAH regularly updates our resources webpage with reports, toolkits, podcasts, and more. We can always use more so please make sure you share your resources with us.   
  • The North Carolina Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch website is a great resource. If you haven't visited the website lately, make a point to schedule some time to do so this fall. 

Active Living:

  • Walk to School Day is officially October 6 but events can be planned for any time during the year. Find more information and register events on the Walk & Bike To School website. And yes, we know we shared this last week but wanted to make sure you didn't miss it. 
  • The Safe Routes Partnership has resources for Safe Routes to School and active communities. These resources are helpful for anyone who is interested in making communities more walkable and bikeable and the equity implications of safe routes to parks, healthy food, worksites, and other essential locations within the community. 

Access to Healthy Foods: 

  • Early bird registration is open for Carolina Farm Stewards Association 36th Sustainable Agriculture Conference. The conference is being held in two formats: virtual (November 5-14) and half-day on-farm intensives (November 15). A ten-day virtual conference might sound like a lot but CFSA knows that being in a virtual conference all day long is tough so they're breaking it up and spreading it out. They've also told us that "There will be a mix of recorded and live sessions, plenty of breaks, themed meetups, event games with prizes, and fun ways to connect with fellow conference-goers." 
  • Ever thought about starting a community garden? We know some of you have because it's come up in our work groups. Of course, funding is always an issue. NC State Extension has a whole list of funding and grant opportunities to help start and sustain a community garden. 
  • Sharing Power, Building Community: Strategies For Improving Nutrition Education at Food Banks is a new report that discusses what works in nutrition education at food pantries/banks and how these programs can best fit the needs of customers by nourishing bodies, building community, leveraging assets, and redistributing power. 
  • September is Food Literacy Month! The Food Literacy Center defines food literacy as "understanding the impact of your food choices on our health, environment, and economy–and understanding that these impacts are not experienced equitably." There's a toolkit to help celebrate and some really good resources on their website. They also have a podcast called Raising Kale that provides plenty of food for thought. 
  • Mark your calendars for Farm to School Month and NC Crunch! October is Farm to School Month and across the state, kids and adults will be crunching into locally grown apples on October 24. You sign up, get celebration ideas, and receive an event guide at Growing Minds Farm to School


Work Groups

NCAH work groups meet monthly on Mondays to discuss emerging issues, data, research, policy opportunities, and more.

Supply and Distribution of Local Foods 

Tuesday, September 7


We will be discussing policy recommendations and anyone who is interested 

All work group meetings include time for program and policy updates as well as updates and discussions from our partners. It's not too late to sign up for a work group (or groups)! 



We're Not There Yet

The General Assembly is wrapping up committee meetings, announcing this week that committees will wind down by mid-September. Normally this would signal an end to session as well, but legislators still have redistricting and of course, the budget to complete before they can go home for good. So, the waiting, and lobbying, continues. 

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